Initial Email & Booking

I'm very excited to meet you! For safety & compatibility's sake, I screen everybody without exception. Please follow directions below to make it an easy-breezy booking. Contact me at with the required screening information titled Introduction for priority responses. In your initial email, please include the following: 

Phone number:

Handle Names for various Databases (If applicable)

Desired Appointment time, duration, date (Please list a few)

A brief description of yourself

ONE of the following (Choose from A, B or C) 

A. 2 Established References( Preferred):
Provide the ad or review URL links of two reputable providers, their names, email addresses and or phone numbers

B. 2 forms of identification:
Options include but are not limited to , state-issued ID, driver's license, Work ID, pay stubs, gym card, Medical cards, passport etc.)

C. Work Verification: 
An academic or career webpage, preferably with a headshot, that lists a number or email you can contact me with.  If you feel uncomfortable contacting me with a work email or number, you may forward a screen shot picture of an email thread sent from your work email to your private email.